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Irvine Pedestrian Bridge

The Irvine Pedestrian Bridge was envisioned by FivePoint with several goals in mind. The most significant design inspiration was to create a structure which would be iconic and unique among other bridges in Irvine. It was conceived with the idea of Pure Form – built with simple, classic forms which would contrast with the eclectic, rustic style of the surrounding landscape. Beyond an iconic architectural installation, the bridge provides safe crossing for residents of the Great Park Neighborhoods and surrounding community to a system of walking and biking trails associated with City of Irvine’s Master Landscape and Trails Plan, as well as schools, residential areas, recreational facilities, and open space. The Irvine Pedestrian Bridge departs from a standard utilitarian structure; it is a representation of the modern design of the surrounding communities it connects, and significantly enhances pedestrian and bicycle connectivity for the City of Irvine.