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OCGP Sports Park

BrightView used its expertise in national-level sport facilities design, construction, and maintenance to create this marque competitive sports park. Each venue includes multiple fields with independent championship facilities and options for flexible field use during special event occasions. The athletic facilities include: baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Along with the sports venues, BrightView helped create the vision for various other park amenities and attractions including a children’s exploration playground, event lawns, pedestrian promenade, central sporting plaza, pedestrian trails, bicycle paths, family barbecue area, memorial gardens, dog parks, a children’s fun zone, and numerous
public respite areas, as well as and the parks maintenance facility. Phase I encompassed 53 acres and opened to the public in August 2017, with a contract value of $98 million. The remaining 120 acres (Phase II) opened in September 2018, adding a new Baseball and Softball Complex, basketball courts, and additional soccer fields.